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II Shea Ranch and Kennel Health Guarantee    Wildazsal@powerc.net   WWW.IISheaRanch.com


Susan Longley-Shea and Jeffrey Shea Proprietors

You have just purchased an AKC English Springer Spaniel, this puppy has received necessary puppy vaccination and worming to date. Puppy must receive his full set of shots, worming, heartworm, and rabies shots. As needed to stay healthy. You are urged to take your puppy into your vet within 1 week of purchase for a health check as well. Any puppy not receiving its puppy shots as scheduled will not be covered by this guarantee. This puppy is guaranteed in health for two years expiring on ______. This guarantee covers Progressive Retinal Degeneration and Hip Dysplasia that would cause a painful unhealthy life, or death. In the event of such a problem, I must receive proof from CERF and preliminary OFA that there is indeed a genetic problem and not the result of diet or environment. In this case pup may be kept as a pet with proof of a spay or neuter certificate, and registration papers must be sighed over to II Shea Ranch and Kennel. If you and your vet decide it is in the best interest of the pup to be uthanized I must be contacted before hand. II Shea Ranch and Kennel is not responsible for any vet bills you may incur, other than a second opinion, in the event of a death on or before said date, I must have a necropsy report from your vet stating that it passed as a result of a genetic default, nothing caused by the purchaser, deliberate or accidental. In such an event II Shea Ranch will provide purchaser with a replacement puppy of equal value from current or future litter when available. No monies will be exchanged. If the new puppy needs to be shipped purchaser, is responsible for shipping charges. I understand this guarantee is offered to the original purchaser only, if a sale or transfer of this dog becomes apparent this guarantee is null and void. Your puppy is on the following diet: Hill Science Diet  Puppy. If you decide to switch diets Please mix half IAMS and half of the new brand puppy chow gradually increasing the new brand for at least a week or diarrhea may become apparent.

It is against this contract to sell or place this puppy in a shelter or puppy mill.

AKC Puppy litter #,______________ Date of Birth: _____________, Puppy sex, ____, Puppy marking and coloring: ________________ ,

Sire: ___________________

Dam: ____________________

Registration: LIMITED or FULL

Price: $900.00 male, $950.00 fe for pet, $1,400.00 for Show or breed.


This Guarantee must be signed below, dated, and retuned to II Shea Ranch and Kennel-Sue Shea and Jeff Shea within 1 week of receiving said puppy. I have read this contract and understand fully the contents thereof, agree to its terms and conditions and acknowledge receipt of the same. There are no other conditions, guarantees, or verbal statements not contained herein.

New owner printed name:_________________________ Date:___________

New owners signature:____________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________

Breeders signature: _________________________________Date: ________


Congratulations on your new family member! As a Breeder and a great admirer of this breed, I know you and you family will be very pleased with one of our II Shea babies!