Our Field Champion bred females are now retired "II Shea's Jossie two" is by Johnny Ringo. She was my last FC fred female, she is the last one I retired at 8 YO. she is now spayed and happy just to run and play! Jossie was born in 2012


Mattie is not longer with us passed at age 13!
 Rambling Mattie: Liver and white, AKC # SN872084/01


Field Champion Bred with a little Bench to boot.

Mattie is out of Jossie our first ESS.

Mattie has 7 FC in her 4 generation pedigree.
As a pup she was so cute I couldn't resist her.

So smart I have to show her off with the tricks she can do.

She has been my companion since she was born.

Her coat is always short as most Field breeds are. 

Mattie is 16" tall and weighs 33lbs.
She is now retired to stay here with us forever.

Rambling Mattie
Mom do I have to get up?
Pedigree for Rambling Mattie
English Springer Spaniel

Field Champion Bred Mattie

Tyvek Breezewood Williams B/W

Bernard Breezewood Williams W/L

Backwoods Sir Alton of Amberg L/W

Backwood's Sir Royal Bandit L/S

Sowl's Just A Nickels Worth L/W

Andrina Sue Bautch W/L

Casey Lad Theama L/W

Kitsch Weinreis L/W

Rowzie Roy Williams B/W

Breezewoods Badger Lynn B/W

Brutus Bautch Of Breezewood L/W

Breezewoods Bonnie Lynn

Pepper Two Dew B/W

Romo Romulus Carrillo B/W

Ladie Lovelie Loc's Carrillo L/W

Josephine XXI

Fieldmaster Sooner or Later L/W

FC AFC Bricksclose Matchwood L/W/tan

Badgercourt Druid

Bricksclose Gaytime KCSB

FC AFC Housty Freckled Fergie L/W

FC Housty Samson L/W UK

Housty Pricate Dancer L/W UK

High Five Gina

C-K's Tiger Pause L/W

FC AFC Solomon of Saighton L/W UK

FC AFC Conklin's Bandit L/W

FC NAFC Bj's Copper Penny L/W

FC BigG's High Flyer L/W

Fetchfeather's Nekoma L/W

English Springer Spaniel Sable color
This great looking pup is one year old he is called Zeke by Kattie and Ruger
A Black tri English Springer Spaniel male by Kattie and Ruger
Tripp is by Kattie he is on the left

We have retired II Shea's Snowbird Nellie! She is happy an living in Nevada with Johnny Ringo!

 I have  "II Shea's Jossie Two"   by Nellie and Johnny Ringo, Jossie is now retired.  She is so sweet and has a small face

and refined body, just what I want for 

my breeding program. Her first litter

by Ringo where the best of the best,

great looking little pups with personalities

that would steel you heart away. 

Her grandsire is Field Champion Windbourne's Loyal,.

Weight 33lbs height 17"

Some of Nellie and Ringo's pups from first litter by them

These are a few pictures of  Matties pups

with Ruger as the sire.

One of Ringo with Sir Bentley Master of Love as the sire,

AKA Wyatt as in Earp of Tombstone fame

The ESS, Field/Show are two different dogs because:
For 57 years CH Championed dogs have been bred to comply with just a physical standard. When the standard no longer reflected the CH dogs, the standard was changed to reflect what was making the CH. Nowhere does this standard require any ability of a dog; it is all physical appearance. While for 57 years the Field people have breed a dog, for performance, leaving the physical appearance to fall where it may. The Field dog is bred considering, nose, mouth, (how the dog treats the game), temperament, marking ability, trainability, brains, drive, desire. All, items which have had no influence, or testing in the breeding of the CH dog, yet are absolutely fundamental in a Field bred dog. The physical appearance of the Field Bred dog, by breeding first and foremost for performance, has resulted in a dog which is longer than taller, has shorter ears, has a higher ear set, has a shorter stop, has no haw in the eyes. All these items have proven to be attributes in the field.