I got this on 03/11/212One more story I have to tell you about Oreo. He is very fast and quick and he is muscled up. We were out in Cooledge, Arizona hunting pheasant on a Sunday morning. Oreo got the scent on a bird, he points extremely good and stands still until I say "get the bird" so he flushes up the pheasant and usually they fly straight up and away. This particular bird happened to fly about 2 to 21/2 feet off the ground and away from me, Oreo goes running after the bird ( I could not shoot because the dog was between myself and the bird). All of a sudden he jumps up and grabs the bird by the wing and throws it to the ground, steps on the pheasants breast, grabs it by the neck and shakes it and brings the bird to me feet like he does all birds. My Labs and German Short Hairs have never done this. I think he can actually run down a rabbit. Great instinct on this dog. If you know anyone who likes to hunt birds check out desertpheasantrecreation.com located in Cooledge, Az. 800 acres to hunt on and have your dog trained for free if you are a member.
 We bought Checkers from you about 3 months ago, since we have changed his name to Oreo. What a smart and wonderful dog. So far one of the best we have had. We are training him with a professional trainer and she is amazed at what he can do at four months old. She has said he is doing things a 6 month old springer could not do. If you want her name for future customers just give MJ a call at 480-982-6499. Here is what he can do very well:
Come with whistle or voice command
Sit with voice or hand command
Sit and stay for 5 minutes
Can give you right or left paw by voice command, he knows right from left
Sit and wait before you open a door
Used the doggy door after a few days
Leave him and Ginger the GSH alone for hours
Is cage trained but we have not used it in about 6 weeks, no need to
Next Tuesday he gets his last shot and the off to the desert for gun training
Once again thank you. Give us a call sometime, or if you need us for a reference.

Casey is now 7 months, weighs 34 pounds, and is 17 inches tall- by the time she is full grown she'll fit the standard perfectly.  So far Casey has managed to master basic commands so we will be attending a Good Canine Citizen training class next week in order to take the exam by the end of summer through the AKC.  I also have exposed Casey to the beach where she can now swim in a channel that has to be more than 50 feet deep to retrieve a stick, ball, or even some thrown see weed!  She definitely follows the Springer need to roll in dirt, sand, mud, or a puddle- but you learn to love the energetic, playful, happy pup!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you SUE.  

 "I just wanted to share these with you.  Casey has taken on to lurring
 quite easily and has become one of the future adults to watch out
 for.  Thought you would enjoy the photos.
Sorry I can't put the photos on here as it would take too long to download!"

I took Kate to the vet yesterday for her second set of puppy shots. Of
course our vet has been in love with Doc for several years. She was
extremely complimentary of you, and your breeding program. Especially in
regard to how healthy the puppy is, and how healthy Doc has been.
They get a lot of inquiries as to how to find a breeder for all different
types of dogs. I told her that if anyone was interested in an ESS I would
give them your name if that is all right with you.
Kate is also the star of her puppy class. She is very easy to train.
Thanks, Perk Perkins

This it Katties little Arizona born July 2007
She stands approx. 18" at the front shoulders and weights 30 lbs. She is such a smart & lovable
dog. We could not have asked for anything better. We have a long driveway and she has been getting my paper by herself since she was 3 months old. I started training her the first day we got home and she picked up on it right away. I've taken her to the gun club numerous times and she is the fan favorite. We started scent and dummy training and she loves it. This coming October will be her first opportunity to bird hunt and I'm positive she will be a star.
Thank you again for breeding such great puppies. I will keep you apprised of her progress with stories and photos.
Talk to you soon,

Just wanted to let you know that we certainly got a real sweetheart with Domino. He turned 6 months on 8-3 and he couldn't be a better puppy. Sure, he goes through his puppy stages, and his terrible twos, but he is the best puppy ever. I am attaching a couple of photos. Take Care~
Terry in Tucson


Domino playng cat
Marley in California

Hi Sue,


I thought I let you know how life has been for Marley in California.  She has adjusted very well and seems to be getting her routine down.


She had her second vet visit, the first was visit just consisted of a well-baby check and the vet gave her two thumbs up.  She did well at the second visit and didn’t even cry when she got her shots.  Marley is about 99% potty trained.  She can sit, shake and we are now working on lie down.  She goes for daily short walks around the block so I can get her trained on her leash and has made several friends with the dogs in the neighborhood.  She has one friend who comes over daily to play.  During the day she sleeps on the floor in our bathroom and at night she sleeps in our bed.  She seems to prefer the top of my head as a good spot to sleep.  She is the love of our life and has brought so much joy to our family.


Thanks again for such a wonderful pup.




Pup by Kattie and Ruger born 12/06
Sue, here are a couple pictures of the lads. Rusty and Kane went to the Vet for their 12 week check up and they are both at 29 lbs. The vet called them a cut above the other springers he has seen. He also described the boys as "Tanks". They are doing great here and get to see their sister a couple times a week. We have started taking them out for walks each day now that they have had the correct amounts of shots and received the ok from the Vet.
The kids are loving Rusty and Kane and it took them about 5 minutes to become part of our family. They are EXCELLENT with our kids and even smaller children.  They have great demeanors' and we have no problem taking them anywhere.  At the rate they are growing they will probably be over 50 lbs by the time they are a year old. Joy can't wait for them to get that big to go rollerblading with them.
Hope all is well and i have a couple more pictures i am sending behind these two.
Riverside Ca. 


Sable male by Kattie and Ruger 12/06 litter
Kattie and Ruger pups again born 12/06
Shea FKA Tequila a Margarita and Ruger pup
Rita and Rugers pup Shea at 2 years
Hello from the Weilackers from Southern California!
We wanted to update you on Tequila (from Margarita and Ruger).
I'm so sorry we didn't get around to sending you some pictures and keeping in touch so you would know how Tequila is doing.  Time has a way of getting away from us.
By the way, we named him "Shea."  Just didn't think it would sound good if a 6 year old boy said, "I'm going out back to get Tequila."   ;)   And "Shea" is a great name!  Wouldn't you agree???
Shea is about 50 lbs. now ... almost 2 years old ... and has quite a personality.  He's very smart, very playful, and has lots of energy.  He enjoys our family walks, and loves to run with my husband, Paul.  Our son, Nicholas (now 8), just loves him to pieces.
Shea goes absolutely nuts when we leave him in his crate while we're out back in the swimming pool, but we usually invite him in before we're done so he can dive in for balls without landing on anyone's head  ;)  He LOVES the water!
Soon we'll be teaching him to retrieve our newspapers in the morning.  We'll keep you updated on his progress.
We just got him groomed since it feels like summer around here, so he's looking like quite the sophisticated English Springer Spaniel now.  I'll send you a current picture (and others) soon.
When his hair is grown out, he has a bit of a mohawk goin' on atop his head.  You can see it a bit in his St. Patrick's Day picture (attached) which was taken a few weeks ago after he got into the fresh grass clippings (making him look a little "green").
FYI ... we got him fixed late last year.  Thought might calm him down a bit ... but ... no, not really  ;)
Today we were relieved that the dog food recall that's been in the news didn't affect us.  We've been giving him a half can of Eukanuba with his dry each morning, so we were happy to see that the batch and plant numbers were different.  Hope you got the word on that one.
Well, thanks again for such a cute puppy that has turned into a wonderful family companion!  We'll keep checking your website now and then to see your new developments.  Kinda like to see how the kin are doin' ...
Best regards,
Yvette & family
P.S.  Don't forget to check out the attached picture of the "Green Spaniel"!

Sent 7/08/2007

Hello Sue, I wanted to take time now to let you know how very pleased Brian and I are with Doc Holiday the puppy we came home with some three weeks ago.

He is an incredible animal and to your credit and great breeding, he is all and more than we had hoped in a puppy.

He began showing very early on how smart his parents were.  He caught on to things quickly began training almost immediately and now 12 weeks later he rings a bell to go out on the door, uses the doggy door consistently is bright and inquisitive, loving and has the best personality that we (Brian and I have ever personally seen).  He loves people, shows little fear of anything. 

His bad habits if any is the constant need to chew on anything.  However is has learned boundaries and other than needing to get some big puppy teeth hes doing well  Our Vet expressed how well developed he is and what a nice breeding he apparently came from.

Doc has grown incredibly from the little puppy to now weighs about 15 lbs, and what feet he has developed.  So long legs, big feet and small body and falls over easily. 

Thank you again for such dedicated care to great breeding.  I have recently recommended you to another individual and given your card to her. Hopefully theyll be in touch.  My best to you and family this holiday season.

We plan to have Doc neutered in the Spring at about 7 months, and well let you know and follow up at that time. 

Warm regard, sherry and brian edkins

A Ruger and Java pup

Sent 11/01/2007

Sue: I just wanted to tell you how much we love Quigley (now named Tugger by my kids)! He is so very sweet and amazes us every day with how well tempered and smart he is.  We couldn’t be happier and wanted to thank you for giving us such a great puppy!  Thanks! Dana Cardwell

Tugger FKA Quigley is by Ruger and Truffles

Hi Sue.
    Well, it has been 1 month since I picked up
my pup. Zoey is her name. What a great pup!!!
She is very smart and has a great personality!!!!
Zoey has grown, although I do believe she will
be on the smaller side like mama, Kattie.
All the folks at work and in my neighborhood, can't
get enough of her. My place of employment
wants to make Zoey, the mascot of the business.
You do a wonderful job of breeding Springer's and
I hope you will keep it going, so others can enjoy
this great breed.
Thanks again,
Scott in Tucson.

Sue, Oh! And I meant to tell you what a big boy he is! At his last checkup (probably 3 weeks ago now) he was 40lbs! At just under seven months (and with his big ol’ front paws) I think he is just going to keep on growing!! I love it though; I am so proud of how big and handsome he is! The first thing everyone says about Atticus is, “He is SO pretty!” and the second comment is always, “And he is such a sweetheart, too!” My family has had Springers my whole life, and when my parents met Atticus they told me, “You’ve really got a good one there; looks, personality, health - the whole package!” And he really is all that! I couldn’t have asked for a better baby boy… thank you so much! Talk to you soon!-Erin
ERIN  F., 2nd Lt., USAF
 Hi Sue,
I'm so glad you liked the pictures of Riley.  Everyone that comes into contact with her just falls in love with her.  I tell people I found a "great breeder" in Arizona who is doing a great job breeding this breed.  As for the papers, yes I got them yesterday.  Thank you so much getting those to me.  I will be sending you pictures of Riley from time to time so you can see her progress and know that Johnny Ringo and Nellie did a great job with their first litter.
Take care, Nora, CA
How we are loving this pup! I had my hip replacement surgery on 9/19 and am
back to work today with NO pain and just a cane! Katie kept me company thru
my recouperation. She uses the doggie door from the first day and seems to
love us as much as we love her! She is growing rapidly and is such a joy!
The Dunns of Gold Canyon, AZ
Hi Sue,
Just a quick note to tell you I took Charlie to the vet yesterday. The vet was so impressed by him, he said he was in great health and he was so shocked at Charlies size. He couldn't get over the fact that Charlie was only 9 weeks. He kept saying that he was so big for his age. He weighed 13.5 lbs. Charlie has been such a great puppy, everywhere I go people say he is so beautiful. I've told several people about you.
Susan of Tucson, AZ
Hi Sue!
Huckleberry Joe and I got home safely.  Joey has settled into his new life, both at home and going to work with me to the writing studio.  He is just a wonderful companion, and so cute, and he listens so intently.  I am so happy!
Thanks for everything.  I will send pics soon.
Susan Minyard
Hi Sue,
Thought I would drop you a line to let you know how Riley is doing.  She is absolutely a love!!!!  She has adjusted well to her new home and is being spoiled every minute.  She did great on the long ride home to San Diego.  She has gone to the beach twice, romped in our huge backyard and will be starting puppy school the first week in October.  She is so smart!!!  She has mastered going the dog doors (yes, I have two she has to go through) and let's me know when she has to go outside to go to the bathroom.  You did a wonderful job with the breeding of her parents.  I will be sending you pictures of Riley so you can see how she is growing and doing.
Thanks again for allowing me to purchase one of your Springer spaniels.

Just want to let you know how much we adore Lily. We adopted her from the litter born on Aug. 16, 2004. "This is one of Mattie's and Rugers pups." She is doing very well.  She has grown into quite a beauty! She weighs 40lbs. give or take a meal or two. When we look at pictures of other Springers we always think she is the most beautiful of all!  She is so adorable, so loving and so fun we can't imagine our life without her. She does think she is the boss sometimes but we quickly remind her that isn't the case. She has been very healthy in the months we have had her. We have attended training which Lily excelled at. She loved playing with the other pups too.

Thanks for a great pup!   Amy (Cave Creek, AZ)


Hi Sue,

I just wanted to let you know that our pup, whom we named Kate, has been a great addition to our family. She is bright, healthy,easy to train and eager to please.

You are doing a great job with you breeding program,    Brian, Fountian Hill, AZ


Hi Sue,

The puppy Maslow is doing great, you where right he has a great temperment. Playful at times but easily calmed if he needs to be, although we've been doing more playing then anything. I've introduced him to some of my friends dogs and he does great with others. I have also had him around children and he does great with them too. He sleeps threw the night and does his busines outside. Thank you so much for doing such a great job with him and breeding excellent pups.

Thanks again,  Craig, CA


Hi Sue,

The puppy is doing great! We've named him Bradley! He is very sweet. The kids just love him. We put him in a crate when we went to bed he wined at first then turned the lights out and didn't hear another peep out of him till we got up this morning!! wow! Thanks so much!! We enjoyed our drive down there. Maybe at some point I'll buy a female from you.



Hi Sue!! Just a note to say that we are doing really well. Jazz is such a joy!!  Jazz has never gone to the bathroom in the house...not once. She is soo smart. She already sits, lays down and sits patiently for her food. We love her so much and her and Libby are getting along awesome!!  Christa


Sue, Molly and Hunter are now 10 months old and been to dog obedience school. Hunter is a wild boy but alot of fun. He has a real knack for doing agility. Molly was the teachers pet she is very lovely. They are wonderful dogs. Thanks again for the pups. Bonnie and Bill in Glendale, AZ


Hi Sue, I purchased a wonderful female from you in Nov. of 2003. Your dogs are an asset to all breeders.  I have met so many with problems. Your dogs are wonderful. I love mine and trust you completely in your choices. Keep on doing whatever you are doing so that we who have purchased dogs from you with no hip problems and wonderful dispositions, to say nothing to their beauty. I feel so lucky to have found you all. Thanks again, Sharon, AZ




Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you.  The puppy is wonderful my son named him Striker                                        
he's recently discovered that field mice are as fun to hunt for as the birds are, I can't tell you how happy we are with him.
Thank You,