What to ask this breeder





I took the time to inform you of the questions, you should ask any breeder, and then follow up with my answers.

1. How long has the breeder been breeding English Springer Spaniels?

I have been breeding and reading since 2001. I also go to Canine reproduction seminars and health problem seminars. I wanted to make sure I was going to do it right, before the breeding process. I have had many chats with breeders who show, breed and sell. I went into much research on many subjects. I consider myself to be very knowledgeable. I can't think of anyone who has put more thought into buying their first English Springer Spaniel bitch than I have.

2. Is the breeder knowledgeable about the breed?

Yes I am.

3. Does he/she represent dogs honestly?

Yes I will.

4. Does he/she trace health problems in the dogs he sells?

I have researched the genetic problems of the English Springer Spaniel. My adult dogs will all be vet checked before being bred. My goal is to produce quality not quantity.

5. Have the puppies been raised in the home?

YES, YES, YES. All dogs and all puppies will be in our home. Puppies need proper socialization by gentle handling, human contact, and a variety of noises and situations. No puppy will be separated from their mom or siblings before 7 weeks of age.

6. Have the puppies’ temperament been evaluated and can the breeder guide you to the puppy that will best suit your family?

Yes, I will know all my puppies little personalities, and would be more than happy to assist you in any way that I can. A shy puppy will not do well in a loud home. A dominant puppy will not do well in a quiet home. A good breeder will know her puppies and guide you to a good match.

7. How often is the dam being bred?

This will depend on her cycle of course but for health concerns, if her cycle for example is every 6 mo. she should skip every third cycle. AKC recommends breed twice rest once. Anyone who breeds every cycle, based on 6mo., for example, is motivated by money. I breed every other cycle or less. 

8. On what basis was the sire chosen?

Virgil and Doc Holiday where chosen for several reasons. I would love to elaborate on this but in short....Virgil is by Pandora who is by our Champion bred Genelyns Truffles to Die For and is the correct AKC standard. His temperament is is very sweet loves to go for walks with either Jeff or I.  Doc is by Bodacious who is by Genelyns Caramela Java Java another bench champion bred female. Visit him on his photo page and read why I have chosen him. Enjoy his pictures.

9. Can you meet the Sire and the Dam?


10. Do you give out full registration?

That depends on the individual pup.

11. Do the puppies seem healthy, no discharge from eyes, nose, loose stools, ears smell. Are their coats soft, full, clean? Do they have plenty of energy and easily calmed when gently stroked? Are They nervous?

They shouldn’t be. Please look for all these things. NO MATTER WHO YOUR BREEDER IS.

12. Has your puppy been vet checked? Does breeder advise another vet check within a couple of days of puppy being received by new owner? Does breeder have a health contract that protects new buyer? Refund policy and or puppy replacement if puppy is found to be genetically sick? Did the breeder have necessary immunizations and checked for parasites and treated if needed?

YES is my answer to all these questions. Visit my health contract. An AKC registration form should also be given and explained.

13. Are there a majority of titled dogs (the initials CH, FC, etc. before or after names) in the first two to three generations?

Yes I can provide all of this. I have done my homework. Remember, though, not all champions are created equally and may not produce quality puppies. (Refer to no.3)

14. Does the breeder have only one or two breeds of dogs that she breeds? Does she only have one or two litters at a time?

I only breed English Springer Spaniels. There are many things to know on one specific breed and, more importantly, all puppies need your time. Beware of breeders who sell more than two different kind of dogs. Be careful also of how many puppies you have to choose from. A good breeder is worth the wait. Anything more than stated above is a breeder breeding for profit, rather than a sincere desire to sustain and improve the breed. Do keep in mind though that there are times that a breeder has two maybe three females that can go into heat at the same time. At these times I will call in extra help so all puppies get undivided attention.

15. Will the breeder be available for the life of the dog to answer questions you might have? Is this someone you feel could be your new best friend? Asking any type of questions?

Yes, I will be available for you, and any questions that you may have, for the lifetime of your dog. I don’t claim to know everything. If I can’t help you I do have enough resources to guide you in the right direction, if needed. I hope that I can make you feel like not only have you adopted a puppy from me, but have adopted me as well.

16. Will the breeder take the dog back at any time, for any reason, if you can not keep it?

YES ABSOLUTELY!!!! I will insist on it. I want NO DOGS to end up in the wrong hands. I feel completely responsible for bringing life into this world, as all breeders should. Your dog will ALWAYS have a home to come home to!!!!!!


17. What payment methods do you accept and how do I get my payment to you?

We accept money orders, cashier's checks or credit cards through PayPal (3% charge fee). We will hold the puppy upon receiving a deposit of $250.00, which is nonrefundable. If the puppy gets sick, dies, or our veterinarian finds anything wrong with it at the time of its health inspection prior to shipping, the deposit will be refunded. Once the litter you have reserved a puppy from is born, you will have two weeks to choose your puppy.  You will not need to pay anything else until it’s time to ship your puppy. Puppies that are picked up at our kennels can be paid for with cash or a money order (no checks, please) at that time.

It is best to e-mail us at sidesaddle95@aolo.com, when you have sent off your deposit, as we've had a payment get lost in the mail before. Many of our customers send their payments by certified or registered mail so the payment can be tracked. We will also e-mail you when your payment has arrived and send you a receipt.

  18.      Are your puppies AKC registered?

Yes, they all are AKC registered. If you want a full registration that will be determined at time of sale of pup.. We sell our puppies to families as pets only. We do not charge show quality prices nor guarantee that you are buying a show dog. That's not to say that some of our puppies will not qualify to be show dogs! However, we feel that this can only be shown when a dog has reached its full growth so as to determine its faults. We feel that you cannot assume a puppy is a show dog based on its pedigree or its cute looks as a puppy.

19.      Which is better -- a male or a female puppy?

Although many people like the little females simply because that is all they have ever owned, males most often make the better family pet. They are not as independent as a female, nor do they have the moods that the females seem to go through. It's a good idea to have male puppies neutered when they are about 4 to 5 months of age.

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You have just purchased a AKC English Springer Spaniel. This puppy has received all necessary puppy vaccination and worming to date. Puppy must receive his or her full set of shots, worming and heartworm and rabies shots, as needed to stay healthy. You are urged to take you puppy to your vet for the remainder of shots. Any puppy not receiving its puppy shots as scheduled will not be covered by this guarantee.

This puppy guaranteed in health for 3 years expiring on its birthdate.

This guarantee covers Progressive Retinal Degeneration and Hip Dysplasia that would cause a painful unhealthy life. In the event of such a problem. I must receive proof from CERF and preliminary OFA that there is indeed a genetic problem and not the result of a diet or environment. In the any case limited or full registration the pup may be kept as a pet with proof of spay or neuter certificate.  If you or your Vet decides it is in the best interest of the puppy to be euthanized. I must be contacted beforehand. II Shea Ranch is not responsible for any vet bills you may incur other then a second opinion if II Shea Ranch asks for it. In event of a death on or before this date. I must have a necropsy report by your Vet stating that it passed because of a genetic default, nothing caused by the purchaser, deliberate or accidental. In such an event II Shea Ranch will provide purchaser with a replacement puppy of equal value from a current or future litter when available. No monies will be exchanged. If the new puppy needs to be shipped purchaser is responsible for the shipping fees.

I understand that this guarantee is offered to the original purchaser only. If a sale or transfer of this puppy becomes apparent this guarantee is null and void.

Your puppy is on the following Diets Hill Science Diet Puppy food. If you should decide to switch do so by mixing ½ new with ½ old during a period of a few days.