Ethical Breeder Award


Im very happy to announce the pairing of our beautiful Cupcake and Virgil puppies should be born the middle of August this mer!
II Sheas Caramel Cupcake!
Will be in service next year around March!
"II Shea's Virgil Earp"
Sooo cool to know that one of II Shea's Snowbird Nellies puppie out of II Shea's Johnny Ringo is a star. He was a service dog with Gabriels Angles in the Phoenix AZ area! We have 2 of Johnny Ringos babys here and some of his grandpups, Virgil our stud dog Is his Grandpup, and II Shea Jossie Two, is a full sister to Harley by a later litter. Harley was on TV and also went to the US Capital.
"Harley at the Capital!"
Truffles, Marshal's dam
Cooper has sired Virgil and Doc our stud dogs!

Welcome to Tombstone, AZ and II Shea Ranch, at : Physical address, (no mail here: 1623 N Bennett Ranch Rd,) mail to: PO Box 175, Tombstone, AZ 85638--  breeders of fine English Springer Spaniels.


Jeff Shea and all the Springers
II Shea Ranch and Kennel is dedicated to breeding the best all around family pet.My 2 stud dogs are bench champion bred and Field Champion bred. II Shea's Virgil Earp is 3/4 bench and 1/4 field threw Cooper and Johhny Ringo he is heavily ticked, (which I love). II Shea's Doc Holiday is mostly Bench Champion bred through Cooper again like Virgil and Bodacious his dam is 100% bench champion bred. Doc is a black tri.  My girls are my main reason, I keep going with this great business. It is a lot of work and don’t let anyone kid you on that one. I love the pups and the Dogs and Bitches. I watch animal planet all the time because I love the good stories. I belong to ASPCA as well. My dogs and pups get the best care I can give them. I have gathered dogs and females from all over, MO, MT, SC and NY. I think I have the best variety and best looking ESS there are around. I have every color but Lemon. My main goal is to breed the best pet you can find. Then I have Field Champion bred for hunting and Bench Champion bred for Showing in conformation. I also breed for obedience and agility trials. I breed for a non-hyper dog. I also like the smaller ones so I have 2 bitches that are 15-16 inches and 27-35 lbs., Chaps and Happy. I have 2 ESS Standard, Snickers and Dotty Sweet Cheeks, 18 inches and 40-45 lbs.  I can’t say enough good things about this breed I love it and wouldn't’t have any other. They all get along great. They have had their squabbles from time to time but nothing major. My pups are born and raised in my house. I put them outside when the weather is good after they are 4 weeks old, to jump and play and get a lot of fresh air for a few hours.  We live in southern AZ where the weather is nice most of the time. The pups come with a 3 year health guarantee. Tails and dews are done by my Veterinarian. They have their first puppy shots and checked for parasites.

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