Jossie is our first Springer and mom, grandmom and Great Grandmom to some of our breeders. She was our senior breeder. Jossie who has always been a member of our family has now passed. 

II Shea Johnny Ringo by Mattie
Rambling Mattie by Jossie

I can blame Jossie for this whole thing. When her first litter

 was born I had so much fun watching the puppys grow

 from little rugs crawling around to looking like a real dog.

We kept a male by her and Fieldmaster PowerStroke (AKA Diesel).

 After a year I was thinking about puppys again and was on

the lookout for another stud for Jossie, Diesel wasn't available.

 I found Tyvek breezewood Williams, up in Rimrock AZ.

 So she had another litter. I kept a female this time and

named her Rambling Mattie. I thought gee this is so much fun watching the births and growing up that I wanted my own Stud dog. I found

Sir Bentley Master of Love. A beautiful Black and White.

Jossie had a few more litters. When we moved to Tombstone,

 somehow in the move our beautiful stud dog was stolen from us.

 But he bred Truffles and Mattie before he disappeared.

I kept two pups out of him one named II Shea Johnny Ringo

 by Mattie and one named II Shea Margarita by Truffles,

(you can see them on my other pages).

Jossie retired at  7 years old.


It seems like I always have at least 3 litters born at the same time.

I have 6 breeding bitches so I let 3 have a rest

while the other 3 have litters. My husband says

why do you have them coming into season at the same time?

 As nature would have it one comes in and they

all come in. I don't really mind because I love doing it.

The pups are so cute and I can't stop bragging about them.

Sir Bentley and Jossie
The FC AFC Saighton mark of a heart
Jossies pup last year
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